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Peace is a silence that is never still. Softly floating through the passages of time,
it cannot be caught or tamed.
Peace is grace that penetrates with timeless love.
Born from the deepest dark in our own heart,
its light is unstoppable. 
If the clouds block the clearest night sky,
the sky still exists.
Peace is like that - always here- waiting for us to remember.

©2006 Lisa Rafel



Daily Reflections

Day 1
Be still. Breathe this moment. All moments begin this way.
Born — out of nothing.

Day 2
Time wants to be your friend.
Breathe quickly. Notice the speed around you.
Now, breathe slowly. Feel the shift. If you let it, the world will follow.

Day 3
Sing today in the shower. Let the water bathe you with a soft hand.
You, are to be cherished. It is true.

Day 4
When power becomes large and deafening it drowns out the voice in your heart.
Day 5
Tension grows in the passageways of doubt. With belief, doubt disappear.

Day 6
You are more than your thoughts, your actions, your desires, and your fears.
Those are the reflections that shine through the small windows and doors of you.

Day 7
Like the small dust that floats in the air all around you,
Miracles are seen in the light.


Wait. All will come to you in time. Be still.
Look at the stars. Let your heart sing.
We will hear your song and find you.


©2006 Lisa Rafel


Allow Freedom in Your Heart

Invite your heart’s warmth to reach out past what you know, past what you can hear… touch the vast unknown... Then, let your heart’s warmth enter the tender places in your body. Feel the soothing warmth, so alive with love.

©2006 Lisa Rafel