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• Your Amazing Voice
Vocal Sound Healing™
• Healing Others
• Utilizing Positive Intention Music™

Vocal Sound Healing™

Lisa Rafel’s Vocal Sound Healing™ methodology accesses the power of the human voice to express emotional and physical energy that is stored in the body.  Applying a distinctive combination of energy training, vocal expression and subtle listening skills, brings the individual into a deeper self-understanding with ability to release energetic patterns. Vocal Sound Healing™ develops greater trust in intuition and demonstrates how when sound is applied to intention, self-healing can occur.  


Positive Intention Music™ 

Positive Intention Music™ builds upon the scientific principles of psychoacoustics to craft sound and music to have a specific impact upon the listener. Within the songwriting, lyrics and arrangements, specific tone, tempo and pitch are utilized to create an emotional and physical impact. Positive Intention Music™ is deliberately created to cultivate a relaxed, heartfelt and inspired state in the listener. 

PIM™ encourages parents and adults to experience their own heartfelt and kind feelings and to share those feelings with their baby. 


Positive Emotional Resonance™

Positive Emotional Resonance™ is the state of attunement that exists between 2 or more people having a strong connection that is relaxed, heartfelt and emotionally satisfying. Between parent and child, this can be an unspoken but deeply felt experience of mutual recognition, attention, and calm. It can be felt physically as a state of peace and still presence or of joyous, heart expanding appreciation. The impact on both parties is a heightened state of both connection and relaxation.